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NJPAC Arts Education

Nurturing young minds through the arts is a large part of what NJPAC does, and as their graphic designer, I played an important role in developing their visual messaging. I designed a variety of assets for NJPAC Arts Education including brochures, flyers, programs, posters, and digital ad campaigns. The goal was to create compelling visuals that inspired audiences to participate in the arts while promoting NJPAC's mission and staying true to its brand.

Products used: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign.

Promo Materials

Digital Campaign

Brand Compliance



Color Correction

check mark-03.png
aed educator brochure.png

Sample pages from the NJPAC Arts Education "Educator Brochure". The brochure highlights NJPAC's programs for educators, including SchoolTime Performances available for field trips, Professional Development courses, and In-School Residencies in which NJPAC teaching professionals bring the NJPAC classroom experience into local schools.

aed arts training program.png

NJPAC Arts Education Saturday Performing Arts Programs bi-lingual brochure, featuring English and Spanish. For this project I needed to mirror the English content in the Spanish section, keeping consistant styling so viewers who did not speak the language did not feel there was anything extra or missing in what is offered to them.

AED SAT_digital campaign.jpg

NJPAC Arts Education Saturday Performing Arts Programs digital ad campaign samples


A sampling of NJPAC Arts Education flyers.

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